For many years I have had a love of books.  Since I was a child I’ve been an avid reader, mostly of sci-fi and fantasy novels and short stories, but also other genres have piqued my interest from time to time.

In the sci-fi vein, ISAAC ASIMOV, ARTHUR C. CLARKE and ROBERT HEINLEIN were constant favourites. My loft still has several boxes of well-thumbed paperback books by all three within it, some in better condition than others!

For fantasy, there is really only one.

I was informed by a mate at school that I should read The Lord of The Rings by J.R.R.TOLKEIN. I grabbed it from the library and took it home… not immediately grasping the concept of what Hobbits were all about, nor the possible location of Middle Earth itself. I only lasted until the middle of the first chapter and then took it back, totally unmoved by it and disinterested.

A few years afterwards, I again read the novel, starting at the first page I hardly put it down until I got to the end.  On average, I’ve read it again every two or three years.

I have been writing sci-fi and other stories since I was a teenager, dabbling in the written word from time to time in between pursuing other interests (such as my love of music) and also my ‘real-world’ job as an IT Consultant.  During the past year however, I’ve decided to put other pursuits to one side and concentrate on my writing.

I find that my writing these days is not confined to one particular genre or another, and I tend to develop ideas recently as they come.

I have at least one epic series within me (THE VINLARION CHRONICLES) which has been developing upon the far-off world of Numenol for at least the last twenty or so years. I have a couple of projects which I’m working on at the moment, but undoubtedly I know that I will return to this soon. I must…it deserves to be released from my head at last!

I currently am 56 years old, and like many others of my age, am finding it difficult to grow up.

I am married to Sandra, my long-suffering companion of more years than we both care to mention, and have three grown-up children with a beautiful grand-daughter Paige who tends to keep me young.

I live in Liverpool UK and am not in the least interested in football.

14 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. hi graham ive just seen on internet, delph hospital was actually winwick hospital, across the road on the A49 they built the delph hospital and i understand it was once winwick hall, and these remain, but opposite whiston hospital there is a
    delph lane up the side of the new multi storey car park. if you look up delphside hospital you will find quite a lot of information on there very useful regards stan

    • Hi Eve. I think I mentioned Fernie Street in my article about the Bommie… Fernie Street was in Toxteth, just behind where my gran’s house was in Hughson Street, between Park Road and Mill Street. The area has been redeveloped now and the part that remains is part of Fernie Crescent. Cheers – Graham.

  2. Hi Graham … greetings from Toronto Canada 🙂 I am wondering if you know of anyone that has any Moog Modular gear for sale? Looking for a complete system or modules.

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Dear Graham,

    I’ve just found a comment at the Vintagerock website, where you’ve mentioned that you seen the Greg lake Band in ’81 in Liverpool. I’m just working on the Archive page of our Worldwide Gary Moore Fan Community page, related the Greg Lake Band period, and it would be great if you could help me out with sharing your memories about it.
    That period is poorly archived, related setlists, photos, etc…so it would be really a great help!

    Thank you in advance!
    Looking forward to hear from you!

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Zoli.

      Sorry I haven’t been in touch before now but I’ve been mad busy at work recently. I’ll have a look in my archive for any information I have about the gig. I think I did a humble writeup of it at the time, and certainly took a few photos although the camera was faulty and not all of them turned out. I’ll try and take a look for you over the weekend.

      Cheers – Graham.

  4. Hi Graham,

    Am I right in thinking that you are the manager of the Nordic Church in Liverpool?? I am looking to host an event there but have found on somewhat difficult to get in touch!

    Many Thanks in advance,

    David Swinburn

    • Hi David.

      Sorry…I do not have any connection to the Nordic Church apart from loving the architecture of the building. I wish I could help you further on this. Cheers – Graham.

  5. Hi Graham,

    Your photo of the Gustav Adolf Kyrka, the Scandinavian Seamen’s Church is beautiful. Architecturally, historically & culturally it’s an interesting place. Socially my family & I have had many ‘hyggelig’ times there. Have you had the chance to visit yet? There are lots of events going on, Nordic, film, food, craft, etc, all are welcome to join in.

    David Swinburn’s right, it is also available to hire as a venue for events & they even have a small B&B, a perfect central Liverpool location. http://nordicliverpool.co.uk/?page_id=245

    Ha’ det godt!

    Med venlig hilsen fra,


  6. HI
    I just found your website when I googled “Beaconsfield, Woolton”. My great grandfather was Paul Hemelryk who lived there . I have a some notes left by my great aunt who was born there and described the life there, I know the family moved when Beaconsfield was sold to builders in the 1920s (I think). Sadly they lost all their money in the cotton crash of the 30’s and the family was beset by tragedy. My great grandparents ended up living in a little cottage in North Wales in very different circumstance from the 1911 census ! As I start researching my family history I’m looking forward to reading your blog.
    Claire Harvey, Oxford

    • Hi Claire.
      I pass the property quite often as I live not too far from it in Childwall. Interesting that your family ended up in North Wales… my own Seaman family hail from Flintshire (around the Mold area) and I’m finding out quite a bit about them. I find it fascinating visiting the area and treading the same streets that they did, if they still exist. I’ve been a bit lazy with the blog over the past year or so, but hopefully intend to organise my time a bit better which should allow me to update it more often. Please let me know if I can help with any of your own research in our area (grave look-ups etc.). Take care – Graham, Childwall, Liverpool.

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