St.Winifrides Well, Holywell, North Wales


The Well head… Holywell, North Wales


The peace and tranquility which is found in this place is palpable, and regularly affects those persons who visit – even those who have no particular religious persuasion.

Like me.

For years the pilgrims have visited and taken the waters, either when bathing or internally by drinking the cool fresh liquid. Some have claimed to be cured, a collection of discarded walking aids left at the chapel as evidence of their personal miracle which they believe has taken place.

So is this right? Did it really happen this way?

No matter. As long as the countless thousands of pilgrims who have visited leaving their crutches, walking sticks, and physical graffiti on the walls, got something out of it. And their beliefs brought them some comfort. For the rest of us we can just admire the majesty of the careworn architecture, and admire the peace and quiet beauty of the place.

Maybe we will need the influence of healing waters one day… who knows?


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