And so I finally take the plunge and decide to do something which I should have done a long time ago.
Hang-gliding? Studying the sex lives of marsupials? Scuba-diving?
No. It’s easier than that.
The answer is… focus and write.
That’s right. You know how it goes… we all have the best intentions to produce something tangible from out of our heads. Get it down on paper – the written word – you don’t even have to shout it from the rooftops, just pick up your pen, crayon or Logitech mouse and FILL THAT PAGE! Apologies for shouting, but I just wanted to make my point absolutely clear.
Just get on and do it, flippin’ heck!
What’s so difficult about that?
But then the reality kicks in. There is that certain something which invariably will interfere with your best-laid plans. Try as you might, there is just no way to avoid it, whatever the ‘it’ actually is.
Play with the kids.
Take the cat for a walk.
Flick channels on the TV to see what you might be missing.
Play a game on the XBox.
Then there is Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Twitter and a million other distractions.
Is there no stopping this curse? This dark cloud of distractionism (did I just invent that?), which sweeps down from nowhere and eats up your best intention?
Of course there is! Three little words….
Just do it!
I have this phrase written on my black Nike armbands and I often wear them, ‘in times of trouble’, to try to gain a bit of inspiration.
If you’re lucky, I’ll root out a photo of them and post it here.
If you’re unlucky, I’ll post two!

No apologies – just welcome to my world!

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