Cross-checking data from three death certificates. In Jame’s case, we’ll now hopefully be able to obtain his war record when we send this off with the application. But there was a family get-together last night and we mentioned these three people at various times.

Agnes, Mary and James are not like the other ancestors we have come across while researching the family history, for these three are close enough so that some of us can still remember them as they were.

I asked my wife what she would like to say to her grandparents if they were still here with us today, and she replied “Nothing. I’d just like to give them a hug.” That just about sums it up I think….

#Project365 #Photoaday #familyhistory #hugagrandparentday

3 thoughts on “250/365 – NOTHING, CAME THE REPLY

    • I only ever knew two of mine…both on Mum’s side. A pity, as I believe my Dad’s mum was a truly lovely lady. I’ve grown to love her while undertaking my family research, even though we never met!

      • I can relate to that. I have many family members that I feel like I know well that I’ve never met. Family history research really does cause us to love and respect our family.

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