200/365 – TOO GOOD TO MISS

Last Sunday, an opportunity to record an important moment for our family presented itself.

We had decided not to go out for dinner, but to spend the time here at home with our daughter and grandchildren. As it was generally a warm and sunny day I felt it was the perfect excuse to fire up the barbeque, and as she doesn’t get to see her great-grandchildren every day, we thought it would be nice to invite my Mum along for dinner as well.

As we were just sitting around and talking after having our meal, I realised that here was an ideal opportunity to create a family ‘generations’ photo – one of those magical shots which feature several generations of the same family in the one photograph.


Technically this is not a perfect photo – the camera had been set to auto to make it easier for my wife who was taking the shot, and as we were moving around the lens was struggling to focus and work out the exposure correctly. Next time I’ll undoubtedly approach the session differently, but as a record of an impromptu family gathering this shot probably works as well as I’d hoped it would.

I’ve seen a few versions of this type of photograph before in various places on the Web, and intend to shoot our own family in the same way as often as I can – carefully planning out and preparing the photo session so that I am assured of producing the best quality photo as possible.

But as the time we spend together on these occasions is so precious, I want to make sure that we continue to take as many of these other, more spontaneous photographs, as we can if the moment arises….

….an opportunity just too good to miss.


The Girlies… plus Elvis!


Pheebs and Elvis…


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