Catching up with some photo processing for Project365, I came across this photo of an old WW2 medal which had been in my Aunt’s possession when she died. She had previously told me that it had belonged to my grandfather and had been given to him after he had served in the war, however I have since found out that he actually served in WW1. During the second war he would have been in his mid-forties and he was then employed as an air-raid warden in Liverpool. So the question is, who does the medal belong to? It’s certainly a puzzle, and one which I might never find the answer to, but one of these days I will send off to eBay and buy a new ribbon for it – restoring the medal to its full glory. It will then be handed down to my kids as a not-so-ordinary family heirloom… you never know, one of them might be able to work it out in the end! 🙂

#Photoaday #Project365 #WW2 #medal


  1. My dad now passed away had this medal tucked away he never spoke about the wars and never claimed his medals.He was in the royal scots fusiliers in ww2 lost two brothers in ww2 and four in ww1 (from a big irish family) so the medal could be from either.

  2. There be a name and a service number etched onto the back of the medal. Sometimes hard to read, but you could trace the medal that way, especially by the service number.

    • Hi Maggie… unfortunately that’s not the case with this medal of ours… there are no markings on it at all, I’ve even checked all around the edges, just in case I missed it! 🙂

      • Apparently only Australians and South Africans had their name and serial number etched on the back. Maybe if you ever get the time, you can search the archives by any of your family surnames. Would take a lot of time and effort, but maybe worthwhile.
        I love a mystery.

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