I was stuck in a queue in the car this evening, heading out to my hotel through the pretty Wiltshire town of Bradford On Avon, and spotted this imposing building alongside me. It now holds a veterinary practice, but I wondered what it might have been used for initially and thought that I might check out the 1911 census to see if it was featured.

Well it was, and I found it.

Prospect House – a private dwelling with 15 rooms – it had four occupants; Miss Constance Spencer, a woman of private means, a visitor Eliza Herrett and two domestic servants, Bessie Gore and Rose Ludlow.

Twenty years earlier, in 1891, the property had only two people living in it – William Humphrey, a retired railway superintendant, and his maid-servant Bertha Stockwell.

I’m quite pleased to have found these basic facts about the property, while only using a couple of simple census searches in Ancestry to retrieve the actual data. No doubt if I persevered then I would be able to find out a lot more about the property…but its late, maybe I’ll just keep that for another day.

#Project365 #Photoaday #History #BradfordOnAvon

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