149/365 – RED DOOR

149/365 – RED DOOR – Photo of a distinctive doorway, taken with my phonecam on my way to the office this morning in Leicester.

I needed to shoot something as part of my #PhotoADay project, and kept my eyes open as I walked the short distance from my hotel to the office, on my way to work with the client. I’d left the Olympus locked up in the boot of my car and only had my Blackberry-cam with me, but as long as I shot something then I decided I’d be happy.

149/365 - RED DOOR

The door was an obvious choice for me because it was so distinctive, especially with the attractive stonework and the construction date panel which framed it. I crossed the road and lined up the shot, not having a great deal of time to take too much notice of the rest of the building, and grabbed a couple for processing later. It was only while doing this after I got home that I decided to find out what I could about the building. And after approximately a half-hour of Googling and Wikapedia-ing, I’m so glad I did…

The building, situated on the corner of Millstone Lane and Pocklingtons Walk, Leicester, had a construction date of 1893. It was built by Frank Seale of Leicester and was used as the former Constitutional Club. While checking the building over on Google, I saw a dedication stone set into the wall which I hadn’t noticed previously while I was onsite. Further investigation revealed that this stone was laid by Lord Randolph Spencer Churchill, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, on the 21st June 1893. It turns out that Randolph is the father of Winston Churchill, the wartime Prime Minister.


When I decided to take on this photographic project at the beginning of the year I knew that I would enjoy it. I find it satisfying to find a scene such as this, very often stumbling randomly up on it as I did with this one, and be able to picture the end result in my head. This was exactly the case with this shot. But going on to find additional information such as this about my subject afterwards is really just the icing on the cake!

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