The Pirates Return to Liverpool! – RADIO CAROLINE NORTH

This was a bit of a surprise to find yesterday on my car’s DAB radio display…


Digital DAB Display

Between 31st March and 27th April the iconic pirate radio station, ‘Radio Caroline North’, will be broadcasting live from Liverpool’s Canning Dock near Liverpool One to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the station.

Hosted by a selection of DJ’s, the shows are featuring music from the 1960’s to the 1980’s and will be broadcasting locally on 87.7FM and also streaming online worldwide. Further information on the Liverpool broadcasts can be found at the following link:

Radio Caroline originally began in the 1960’s, operating on ships which were moored off the coast of Britain. Caroline South (previously known as Radio Atlanta) was broadcast from the MV Mi Amigo which was moored off the coast of Essex. Caroline North (based on the vessel MV Caroline) was moored off the Isle of Man. The broadcasts outraged the government and the BBC, as they were operating without official licences and were in direct competition with Auntie Beeb. However, the listening public loved the quirky shows being hosted by the young upstarts, and they became ever more popular with several imitators (such as Radio London) introducing the more professional ‘American-style’ of shows to the public.


Liverpool Bar Lightship – PLANET

The pirate stations introduced a new series of celebrity DJ’s to the public and some were to go on to become household names such as Simon Dee, Emperor Rosko, Tony Blackburn, Tony Prince, Johnnie Walker, Dave Lee Travis and Tommy Vance.

Further information about the history of pirate radio stations in the UK can be found at the Wikipedia page at the link below:

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