This is a photo I took a couple of weeks ago of the ‘moby’ at the junction of Murrayfield Road and Chislehurst Avenue, Childwall. During the 1960’s and ‘70’s, these mobile shops were a common sight on every housing estate and were housed within trucks which might pack up and leave at the end of each day. Gradually the numbers of these dwindled, and instead were replaced by shops such as these – often housed in shipping containers – no longer mobile, but still serving the community they were located in nevertheless. There was another one of these nearby at the junction of Hartsbourne Avenue and Chislehurst Road, but I noted the other week that even this has now gone. The shop in the photo has been located in the same place for as long as I can recall, and I couldn’t help but wonder how long this one can keep going in an economic climate such as this. I can’t think of any others that exist in our immediate area, and wonder whether this is indeed the last moby hereabouts?

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