This is a short audio clip of my Mum, Joan Seaman, talking about her friendship with one of her friends, Tess Abernethy from the Dingle in Liverpool.


Tess Abernethy… enjoying a break on the roof of the Gaumont, Princes Park – 1954 approx.

Mum worked with Tess during the 1950’s and ‘60’s and they were both employed as usherettes in the local cinema, The Gaumont, Princes Park. As Mum describes in the clip, Tess ended up ‘courting’ one of the projectionists who also worked at the cinema, a guy called Sid Lynley. Of course this was similar to Mum’s own situation, as she was going out with one of the other projectionists at the time – Charlie Seaman, who she would later marry and who would eventually become my father.

After leaving the Gaumont, Mum and Tess kept in touch for a time, but during the ‘70’s they lost track of each other, their own family lives overtaking everything else.


Mum & Dad, Sid & Tess…visiting with old friends around 1979.

My Mum has fond memories of her time spent working at the Gaumont, and enjoys thinking back and talking about the times she spent with the other ‘Gaumont Girls’ as she calls them.


The cinema itself became a bingo hall and has now been closed for many years, its future uncertain. We have no idea how many of the Gaumont Girls are still with us, but perhaps it might be possible to arrange a reunion of those who remain while the building itself is still standing?



  1. Hi Graham – I worked with your dad at The Hippodrome in 1967 + 1968. The projectionists would go for a beer on Sunday nights at either of the Gregson’s Wells. I was 17 in 1967 so your dad banned me from joining them until I turned 18.

    I met you once in the 1970s when I sang a tuneless, drunken ‘Yesterday’ with your guitar.

    Pete Smith

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