Mersey Tunnel ventilation station and the ‘Irish Sea Pioneer’ giant liftboat.


This shot, taken in September 2013, shows one of the Mersey Tunnel ventilation towers and the ‘Irish Sea Pioneer’ giant liftboat. Built originally in the U.S., the liftboat is designed to lower its four legs to the sea-floor and elevate itself up to 200ft to assist in the maintenance and construction of off-shore oil rigs. It is also currently being used to assist with work carried out on the off-shore windfarms in the Irish Sea.

The Mersey Tunnel ventilation station is 150 feet tall and is built of a brick-faced steel frame design. It is located near the Woodside ferry terminal alongside the River Mersey. The building was designed by Liverpool-born architect Herbert James Rowse and completed in time for the opening of the Queensway (Mersey) Tunnel which first opened in 1934. One of six similar structures on both sides of the river, the stations help to ensure a smooth flow of air through the road tunnel itself beneath the River Mersey.


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